HØSTET is all about sea buckthorn. About clean raw materials and pure taste. We are innovative and curious about sea buckthorn, and strive to utilise as much of the berry and bush as possible. HØSTET is also about the life in the countryside, the positive experiences this brings, and about sharing knowledge and working with other manufactures. The name HØSTET, (which in Danish means HARVESTED) stands for the content of the products we sell, which is always harvested and produced here by us.



In 2009, we, Camilla and Mads Meisner, moved from Copenhagen to Bornholm to set up one of Denmark's first sea buckthorn plantations. Our first sea buckthorn plantation was established in 2010 and consisted of 450 busches. Today the plantation has expanded to approx. 2.500 bushes. The plantation is organic and we received our certification in May 2013. Food production began in June 2014 and now includes more than 10 different sea buckthorn products. We harvest our own sea buckthorn, cut the branches, freeze them, shake the berries and leaves off, then we sort and produce in our own production kitchen our  farm, Fløjlegård, on the eastern side of Bornholm.

We produce high quality products, the artisan way, which is why we are very conscious about the way we harvest. The berries are harvested at exactly the right time, and are frozen immediately after the branch has been cut from the bush. The high content of oil in sea buckthorn means that the berries start to turn rancid if they are not frozen immediately after harvesting, which could then lead to a bad taste. It only takes a few berries to ruin an entire production, so we do all we can to avoid this situation.

As well as selling our own HØSTET produce, we also work with a number of producers on Bornholm and in Denmark, who are specialists within their field. For example, we created an organic sea buckthorn beer together with the brewery Svaneke Bryghus. Our sea buskthorn schnapps is destilled by Nordisk Brænderi and our sea buckthorn soap is from Svaneke Sæbesyderi. VandkefirPerler produces a water kefir, while Nordic Fermentation produces a kombucha, both using our sea buckthorn as part of their ingredients. 

HØSTET began with a mission to educate Danes about sea buckthorn. Today our mission is to encourage Danes and our many foreign visitors who come to HØSTET to enjoy the many uses that sea buckthorn has to offer. 

HØSTET is a member of Gourmet Bornholm - a confederation of producers and restaurants on Bornholm that promote the development and sale of quality foods on the island and in the rest of Denmark. 

Please find find our contact-informations below:

Havtorn Bornholm Aps. 
Ibskervej 34
3730 Nexø

Mads Meisner
mobile: +45-53542124
email: mads@hoestet.dk

Camilla Meisner
mobile: +45-21463462
email: camilla@hoestet.dk

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